Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church, Waunakee, WI



A sacrament is a material and spoken action which confers divine grace upon a person.

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Baptism Guidelines

Catholic parents (or parent, if one is not Catholic) of the child to be baptized must be registered members of Saint John the Baptist Parish in Waunakee or Saint Mary of the Lake Parish in Westport.

At least one Godparent for the child must be:

  • Catholic

  • 16 years of age

  • Confirmed in the Catholic faith


First-time parents are required to attend a baptism preparation class. Classes are offered online and in-person. You do not have to complete both. The in-person baptism class is located at St John parish and is at no charge. The online baptism class is $65.00 and you can register for the class below. If you have already taken a baptism preparation class, you do not have to take it again. 

Click here to register for Baptism Preparation Online.

In-person classes are held 6:30 PM the first Wednesday of every month.  Both parents are required to attend.  Please call the parish office at 849.5121 Ext. 136 to sign up. 

For Spanish Sacrament Prep questions please  call or email Maria Anderson  849.5121 Ext. 174

The Request for Baptism form must be completed and submitted online. Once the form is reviewed you will receive an email confirming your baptism date. Saint John the Baptist and Saint Mary of the Lake celebrate baptisms after each Mass on Saturday and Sunday. ​





  • First Eucharist is celebrated in Second Grade.

  • Candidates must first complete the Sacramental Preparation Program.

  • Visit the Faith Formation website for more information, or Contact Eileen Daley: 849.5121 Ext. 174



  • Preparation for Confirmation is offered to students in their Junior year of high school.

  • Sessions are held Sunday evenings, starting in early Fall.

  • ​Visit the Faith Formation website, or, Contact Eileen Daley at 849.5121 Ext. 174



Couples planning a marriage will need to fill out a 

Marriage Preparation Information Form.


Annointing of the Sick

A communal celebration of the Anointing of the Sick is offered the first Tuesday of the month at the 8:00 AM Mass. Individuals may request the sacrament at anytime by calling 849.5121. 



Individual confessions are heard the following days and times:

Saint John the Baptist
Monday & Tuesdays after morning Mass and ​Saturday 4:00 PM

Saint Mary of the Lake
Wednesdays after 8:00 AM Mass

and ​Saturday 4:30 PM

Holy Orders


Please ​contact Rev. Msgr. Gunn for more information: