St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Waunakee, WI

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church Cemetery Regulations

The parish cemetery is a beautiful and sacred final resting place for the beloved deceased of our parish family. Please help us maintain these grounds by adhering to the following guidelines:

  1. For the safety of our employees and visitors, metal stakes, fences, wire fasteners of any kind, and glass containers are not allowed.

  2. Rods, such as shepherd's hooks and flag holders that are not part of a monument, monument base or marker, are not allowed. These rods tend to fall over and impede mowing. Unless they are secured in the monument or its foundation, they will be removed and set aside in a safe place for you to retrieve. Edging and/or stones placed within the gravesite are also very difficult to mow and trim around, and will be removed.

  3. Planting anything directly into the soil is prohibited. Flowering plants, shrubs, and small trees can quickly grow out of control, which makes mowing the lawn difficult. Overgrown trees can cause damage to the grave and monument, and are expensive to remove.

  4. Flowering plants, either natural or artificial, in non-breakable containers are allowed, but must be placed on the monument or monument base so as not to interfere with mowing. Christmas decorations must be removed by April 15th and summer flowers by September 15th. Decorations not removed will be disposed of by cemetery staff.

  5. Prior to placing any monument on a lot, approval must be obtained from the cemetery management. As stated in the cemetery contract, monuments are NOT the property of the parish or cemetery, but are owned by the grantee or grantee's heirs. Therefore, it is the responsibility of grantee or grantee's heirs to keep the monument in a safe and proper state of repair. In the event of damage, the monument shall be repaired at the expense of the grantee or grantee's heirs. Any insurance coverage is the responsibility of the grantee or grantee's heirs.

  6. Workers engaged in setting or maintaining monuments must obtain permission from the cemetery management before commencing work, and they shall be subject to its control. All other services about the lot requiring labor shall be performed by employees of the cemetery.

  7. Prior to opening any grave site, the lot must be verified by the parish and only authorized personnel, as approved by the parish pastor or his representative, are allowed to open/close the grave.

  8. Please do not drive or park on the lawn.

  9. Parties seeking lot information or interested in purchasing a cemetery lot(s) must contact the parish office.
Thank you for respecting these regulations and helping preserve the beauty of this cemetery.


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