St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Faith Formation

Who: Grades 7-10
What: Faith Formation Classes (Register here!)
When/Where: 7:00-8:30pm on Wednesday nights at the school. Please refer to the schedule below (or download it here.)
Why: To foster a love of Christ and his Church through
knowledge and prayer, faith and reason, and to recognize that we are
never finished learning about our Roman Catholic faith.
How: Our faith formation program for grades 7-10 is set up based on the four sections of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Each grade will focus on a particular section of the Catechism and each section is broken down further into mini-courses that the students will rotate through during that year of faith formation.
7th Grade: We Believe.
a) Salvation History: God the Father. b) Life of Christ: God the Son. c) The Church: God the Holy Spirit
8th Grade: Celebrating the Christian Mystery.
a) Sacraments of Initiation. b) Sacrament of the Mass. c) Sacraments of Healing. d) Sacraments of Service
9th Grade: Life in Christ.
a) Theology of the Body. b) Dignity of the Human Person. c) Social Justice
10th Grade: Christian Prayer.
a) How Christ Prayed. b) The Battle of Prayer. c) How to Pray.


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